Re: a few questions about the pole


> By the way what is skua? I have heard it many times
> in other posts, but I just picture a large pile of “junk” left
> by those whose bags are overweight when its time
> to go home.

Yup, that’s it, and much more.

A skua to a piratical bird, like a brown seagull with an attitude. They steal anything they can get their beaks on, thus the term… A skua pile is stuff left behind, available for the taking. “To skua” is the act of acquiring stuff (mostly legit, but sometimes using questionable methods and rationals) from discard piles. Skua central is the depot where reusable stuff is available, like a big garage sale — but everything is free.

Really, it’s the about best recycling program imaginable. Stuff is gets reused until it’s it’s dust. 😀