Re: a few questions about the pole


[font=Times New Roman:j16rekss]Hi,[/font:j16rekss]

[font=Times New Roman:j16rekss]You’ll frequently find mp3s shared on the station’s common drive (keep an eye out or do searches for *.mp3), as well as many people willing to share their music.  As for downloading, there just isn’t enough bandwidth to make it practical.  There’s barely enough to let everyone comfortably check & respond to emails including pictures – the system would grind to a painful halt if people expected to make large downloads.[/font:j16rekss]

[font=Times New Roman:j16rekss]So, I guess what I’m saying is: even if you’re tech-savvy enough to figure out how, it’s a bit inconsiderate to the other internet users for one person to suck up that much bandwidth.  Trust me, if you want the song, it’s probably on station somewhere.  Hook up with one of the people who brings down hundreds of cds & just burn away![/font:j16rekss]

[font=Times New Roman:j16rekss]I brought home lots of great tunes…  [/font:j16rekss][font=Wingdings:j16rekss]J[/font:j16rekss]

[font=Times New Roman:j16rekss]E[/font:j16rekss]