Re: a few questions about the pole


There has been a wireless network set up for summer camp in the past few years. Your reception may vary depending on where you’re living and how well the gods smile upon you. I can’t speak for McMurdo….

There are a few outlying destinations you can venture to–obviously our terrain is a bit limited compared to elsewhere…but the thing to remember is that you’ll probably walk 1/2 mile or more a day outside just getting back and forth to work etc., at -20 to -40 F, so bring whatever footwear you’d be comfortable doing that in, as well as sneakers and/or sandals. And that doesn’t count working outside (what is your job?) The main science area is 1/2 mile from the station.

Jeans and T-shirt/sweat shirt is common attire, don’t go too heavy on the shirts since you may want to pick up a few Pole items in the store. And there is skua as well. But you’ll probably want to bring something different/nicer to wear on special occasions.