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Thanks a lot for taking the time. Will use the web address provided if the ideas you’ve given me are not right.[/font:fry615ln]


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Do you mean degrees South?

I think it’s probably Turks Head. It could also be this, from the USGS database:

Feature Name: Tech Crags
Feature Type: ridge
Elevation: 1000
Latitude: 7737S
Longitude: 16645E
A narrow broken ridge 2 mi S of Williams Cliff on Ross Island. The feature rises to c.1000 m and marks a declivity along the N flank of broad Turks Head Ridge, from which ice moves to Pukaru Icefalls. Named by US-ACAN (2000) after the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, known as New Mexico Tech. From 1981, many Tech students under the direction of Philip R. Kyle, have undertaken graduate research projects (thesis and dissertation) on Mount Erebus, Ross Island.

Want more? Try poking around with the USGS mapping and database utility and see what you get:


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