Re: An upcoming Offer?


Haha. I am looking into Alaska now again though and may not be back for a few years, was going down as the ex wanted to do something new and see why I loved the place and people as much as I do. I said I would go down to show her around and make sure she settled in well but if shes not gotten an offer, it means I can tell a few friends to dump my stuff down there and move on to bigger contracts. My other friends are more used to taking off to do new things and need no chaperoning so I am off the hook there.
We have a closed door clased mouth policy in the plumbing shop so its always nice to have new blood to spill on the floor during our morning meetings where we throw around new ideas, kick about old techniques and beat the shite outa fingies. Oh the good old days. Damn I miss that place, think we have to sell access to the I drive for us homesick offIce fools.
Sounds like a lot of fun and teh MCI went well also, reading a few blogs from those down there and everyone appears to really be enjoying the winter, yes, I am jealous. Seeing how many were at the job fair from last year was great, seems like theres going to be many heading back so I know I won’t be missed, too much, haha.
Live, love and leave no harm.