Re: An upcoming Offer?


Thanks Tom, that’s my impression. If you have a hire rite app. then things are looking up. Still it’s a little odd to get one without talking to anyone. I would still call the person who interviewed you and see where you are in the process.
Winter is progressing fine. Another benign year with no skuttlebut. We had the MCI drill yesterday. A simulated fire at the carp shop. They took out as volunteer victims three of my stretcher-bearers, one of the medical auxillary heads and the transportation comms officer, all of whom work there. In spite of the hurdles we rallyed and covered the spots.
Winter is setting in.  Yesterday for the first time, it never got light enough at noon for the streetlight in front of  B121 to turn off. I call that the beginning of winter. We had a short burst of -40 weather. That was odd for April but we are back to the normal  -15 stuff.
Are you guys coming in for the summer? I’ll be back without Lorie.