Re: An upcoming Offer?


I think the hireright part depends on the manager more than anything else really. I remember when I applied first I knew nothing about anything there and put my resume in well after the job fair, I got a call andthe application was here a few days later, my friends have all filled out their hireright papers without any calls so I think it was because the managers knew they were friends of mune and didn’t need any explanations as I would do such with them. I heard that some had a few calls before and maybe its because the hiring managers were not sure about them or could not remember them very well. As long as you have te papers, fill them and await the call to see if its primary or alternate as I think some wait until they see the results and references before making their minds up about positions, amount of viable applicants also has an impact but it looks like there was a lot of people at the job fair to cover all open spots.
Hope everyone has as much fun doing the paperwork as I had, nice to not have to do that any more these days.
Mike, when is someone going to set a streaming video cam up somewhere now that you guys have all that lucious bandwidth? Its a long way to the I-Drive, I still think they should sell access to that resource to us who have been there before, haha. Give Lorie a nice hug from me please and say hi to everyone who comes in.