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Speaking for myself, my year at Pole was the most amazing experience for me. I think that Big dead place is factual and I have experienced some of the issues he addresses. You are completely right in that we work for a big corporation down there and in the intensity of our lives there issues that would be irrelevant in America become huge on the Ice. Add to the mix the high turnover rate and sometimes inexperienced management and the potential for individuals to be unfairly treated increases. The growing size of the stations and the decreasing isolation with the use of iridium, and voip has made for a changing culture. I would never discourage anyone from going there( in fact I highly recommend it) and as with many things in life I think experiences are what you make of them. I think most people have a great experience on the Ice. Unfortunately for the ones who do have problems, there seems to be little recourse for them…
The book also describes everyday life and work especially in Mactown and I enjoyed his blue collar perspective on what its like there. I would like to winter at Mactown one year and his book gave me some insight into what that would be like. Also its fun trying to figure out who is who in the book

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All these great books and I’m stuck here for the winter and can’t get them. So I have a question. Do you think Big Dead Place is an accurate representation of your life down here or more of a tongue in cheek amusing look at things? My view is that the things they write about happen, but as many literary endeavors they take the little things and make it sound like this is how life is all the time. It seems to me that most people are disconnected from the incidents that the BDP writers portray. To me we are working for a big corporation and it’s not a lot different from any other big corporations. Maybe better than most. What do you say? mike

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