Re: Antarctic Thriller Novel


Dah dah dah.
OK folks, I have finally finished the novel, I will not og into why it took me so long, for that story please visit the Tiki Bar topic.
To begin with, great idea, reall yout of left field and along the alternative aspects of fiction which I enjoy a lot. Maps. The map of the ice is a good one but in reprints I would suggest using one which shows more land masses around it so people have a point of reference, there were a few little slips in describing building placements and such but nothing major or important. The Icers came off seeming a little hippied and a few more people talking nice about the French would have balanced it out more like MaacTown actuall yis, you may wish to stress more of the more conservative people who are there also. Not all people go through psyche evals, only those for winter contracts, FDX boots are not usually worn by anyone who has been before and newbies are able to find something in Skua charity piles to wear so they do not have to, MCM doesn’t really get muddy, the snow melts and forms rivulets and chasnnels are scraped also to flow water away, apart from those issues and a few I can’t recall, as well as about 5 typo’s a great read. Loved the Dante’s references also. Better never head down there, after the descriptions of the Antarctic women? suicide trip.
OK Mike, story includes a plot to interfere with certain aspects  which concern Icers in the short term and the world in general. I thought the plot was going to get out of hand when I got into the middle but the flow went well and the story did not rely on any miracle assumptions to save the day, logic and thought processes with some luck thrown in also. Main characters are real enough to like and want to know more about and protray the diversity of folk on Ice, a former beaker working the beat, a former listener working a menial job to escape the world she thinks she made worse, a lot of weirdo’s and people who actually remind me strongly of those i have known on Ice. Just under 200 pages and got through it in a week when I had time to sit and read, I really looked forward to opening it up and getting to the end, laughed a lot, not at the book but the memories of those it brought to mind. If you are staying through Winfly Mike I shall get the book to you so you can rad it before leaving and then I can place it in the Cal lounge or library.
JCB, if you want to get in touch with me about the issues covered or the slight errors, you can reach me through the profile, again, great read.