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Sounds good Mike, i am on 1st flight WINFLY, i will be wearing ,my Hawaiian shirt and sandals…You guys need coffee from CHCH?[/font:vdpgrxyg]
See you in a Week…[/font:vdpgrxyg]
From the northern hemisphere…[/font:vdpgrxyg]
Chris [/font:vdpgrxyg]

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Hey Chris, looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the winfly group. I’m being tagged to be a cargo delta driver for some of the flights. Let me know which flight you are on.
 I guess that goes for anyone else reading this message. Look for me in a big all terrain vehicle with 5 foot high tires. I’ll be the one wearing a red parka.Just kidding, everyone here has a red parka. If you are new to the program find someone from the program to help you out in Christchurch. It’s a beautiful city and a place that all of us down on the ice are looking forward to visiting when we leave. A good place to meet fellow USAP members is Baileys Bar. It’s across from the Cathedral in the mid city square.
Most of  you will land in Cheech(our pet name for Christchurch) and be greeted by someone from the Antarctic Center. They will probably be wearing a red jacket with an Antarctica patch on it. If you are scheduled to fly south the next day then you will go right to the Antarctic Center to get your cold weather gear. Otherwise it will be the next day. Expect that you will make several attempts to fly down here. The flight crews won’t fly if there is the tiniest thing wrong. Once you take off it is a 5 hour flight. At some point you reach the PSR(point of safe return), which is where the plane still has enough fuel to get back to Cheech if the weather turns bad. At the psr they get a report on the weather  here. If the forcast is for deteriorating conditions which would make for an unsafe landing, then the planes will turn back and return to Cheech to wait for a better day. It’s not unusual to make 4 or more attempts. At this time of year the sun is coming up for the first time in months and the added heat stirs the atmosphere. In general the winfly time period is marked by stormy weather.
enjoy your flight down. If I get time I’ll add some more.

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