Re: Antarctic Update


Hey Chris,
We still have coffee beans available in the store. I don’t know if they will last the summer. If you are a bean coffee drinker send some down for yourself. At least enough to last until the supply ship comes in. Lorie says to get her some vitamins. Email me when you get close and I’ll let you know the brand and types.
It’s getting cold these days. Ambient temps went down to almost -50 yesterday. Clark and I brought a group out  for an overnighter to the Kiwi A-Frame. Man it was cold outside. We had the best aurora’s yet. They formed a narrow band of light from one end of the horizon to the other. It looked like a rainbow over our heads. When we got back today there was no mistaking that it was light. Even though the sun won’t be up for another week, there is not the faintest hint of darkness in the afternoon anymore.
We are begining to get polar circumcirrus(spelling?) clouds. If you remember from last year they are the clouds that form in the high upper atmosphere at this time of year. They are also called nacreous clouds and they refract the sunlight that hits them into a rainbow of colors.
Nobody else coming down has  posted anything here so I don’t know who else to look for. Enjoy your flight down and as always we hope for some bad weather so you get to stay in Cheech for a few days.