Re: Antarctic Update


Antarctic Memories is a msn groups site that I started a couple of years ago on my first trip to Antarctica. Originally it was a place to store photo’s so I could share my experiences with my friends. Over the years it has evolved into an information site about life at the McMurdo Antarctic Base. With the help of a couple of assistant managers who have written pages about their particular areas of interests we”ve tried to put together something that anyone who ever dreamed of coming to antarctica could look at and get an idea of why we like this place so much.
The front page of the site is divided into the right and left sides. The left side is blue and mostly consist of photo albums about the things we do down here. The right side is informational about Antarctic and McMurdo in particular.
People browsing the site can sign the guestbook without having to join, but if you want to leave a message that someone will answer you need to leave it on the discussion page. Sooner or later I try to answer all of the questions.
I hope you enjoy it.