Re: Antarctic Update


Oh how I would LOVE to come, if only to visit.  Personal ‘Logistics’ and a lack of  ‘Supplies’ proclude such things.
As I hadn’t read your profile prior to posting my original querry, I wasn’t thinking about someone from Operations hosting the comm.  I blindly assumed you wore with  National Science Foundation as a guest researcher working on one of the long-term studies.  As a member of Polar Star’s dive team, I worked directly with the NSF people and think more about their work forgetting, that as a member of Polar Star’s crew, that I was part of Operations and that without whom NSF would be without most of what the ‘Town’ has and offers them.
I’m amazed that you look forward to back-2-back “Winter Overs”.  Not may people I know deal with the extended seperation form ‘the world’ that comes during the winter season.  After all, even the Navy grants compensitory leave to active duty personnel who volunteer to WO.
Mike, Drop me a direct e-line I have a specific query I wish to pose. 
To all stay warm and be safe.