Re: Antarctica forum


Hi Maggie,
It’s not getting much warmer yet, in fact the next month or so is traditionally the coldest and stormiest months. Yesterday at lunch the northern sky was getting pretty bright. We are still 3 weeks away from the sun rising over the horizon. Now at noon, it’s a little like the hours before dawn. Certainly not enough sun to warm things.
When it does happen the mixing of warmer and colder air masses can make for some pretty nasty storms. Right now we tend not to get much snow. The air is so cold it can’t hold much moisture. What snow we do get is composed of very tiny snow crystals. It’s more like dust flying around. If you saw pictures of the Mideast dust storms, an antarctic storm isn’t a lot different, just colder. The snow is so fine it blows into any crack and under every door. We can get a good idea of what the weather is like by seeing how much snow is inside the buildings as we go out.
I read your journal entry. Nice. That pretty much describes summer. We will get temps to 40F now and then, but mostly it’s in the 20’s at night and right around freezing (32F) during the day.