Re: Antarctica forum


We were chatting about the semantics of antactic islands the other day. Most everything is solid, liquid and gas depending on the temperature and pressure.  Rock is cold, becomes liquid as lava and I would guess becomes gas or even plasma when hot enough. Water is the same. For most of the world water is liquid the majority of the time. Rocks surrounded by water are islands. Down here we have perminent ice. Let me tell you, if you ever tried to dig down into it, there isn’t a big difference between old ice and concrete.
If water is that hard is it in fact a rock. I say if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck. Yeah old hard ice is rock.
Mcmurdo is surrounded on 2 sides by water in the summer but the other 2 sides are perminent ice that is attached to the continent.  If old ice is rock we are part of the continent. If ice is water we are an island.