Re: Antarctica Travel Tips


If you are a couple of private individuals with a love of Antarctica then you are welcome here.
If  you are a company looking for advertising  here without paying for it, then less so. All the ads on your site give it the impression that it’s a commercial site for an Antarctic Cruise company. The fact that the link didn’t get me to anyplace to buy a cruise makes me lean to you two are just travelers with a webpage. So welcome.
We have precious few Antarctic tourists who post here. Personnaly if I had the money, that would be the way to see Antarctica. Weeks of wildlife everyday because thats where the boats go. Apart from the 30 or so that work at Palmer, most of us get to see McMurdo or the Pole, but we are working a good portion of the time.  We have to really step out of the grind so to speak in order to experience the things that cruisers see each day. Of course the cruises come down in the warm season, in the warmest part of Antarctica and stay a few days. We come to
the harsher places most boats could never get to. A different experience altogether. The only cruise ships that get here are icebreaker ships that have been converted to cruise ships. Even then they only stay a day or so, before heading out to warmer climes.
Living here is not like being a tourist. Tourists are looking for penguins. We get them only if the sea ice melts and they swim in. The joy of this place is more about the climate. Summer is a joy, 24 daylight for 4 months and lots to do. It rekindles your youth.
Winter is test of your soul. You either love it or hate it. Forever darkness, but sometimes the auroras light the sky. And  there is nothing like a winter storm with 100 mph winds and windchills at -100 to really appreciate how harsh this place can really be. We are coming up on the 2 year anniversery of a storm that began to rip the buildings apart here. The ones who love it hope it happens again.
Anyway welcome Stef and Maggie.
Post more info on you cruise experiences.