Re: Antarctica Travel Tips


I tried every variation of the spelling I could think of but never found the link to your site. Try it again.
Down here the Kapitan Kelibnikov (spelling) is the only cruise boat that can this far south. I understand it’s an awesome trip out of Hobart, Austrailia. They visit all the historic huts left over from the early days of Antarctic Exploration and because it is a converted icebreaker, they can push into McMurdo every year around January. I’ve heard it’s expensive. Some say between 5 and 15 thousand dollars US depending on the length of the trip. I think they once did a monthlong trip here. Can’t confirm any of that though.
Most of the people on this site are people who get to antarctica by being employed here. The contract length vary. In general there are 3 seasons. Winfly- Mid August to October, is the season where early contingent personnel fly in to help get the base ready for the summer rush.  Mainbody-October to February is the summer season where most of the science takes place.And Winter- February to August where a smaller group stay over basically to rebuild the base and do major maintenance for the next season.
Few people just do Winfly. Most do either Mainbody or Winfly-Mainbody. There are up to a thousand people or more here then.  200 or so stay the winter. My longest contract was a Winfly-Mainbody-Winter-Mainbody stint for 14 months straight on the ice. Took off 2 weeks and did a 2 month contract in California, helping get the supply ship loaded, took of another 2 weeks and came down for the current winter season.  Whew, I’ll be ready for a break.