Re: Antarctica Travel Tips


Stef and Maggie
This is the second post you guys have put on here. I can’t decide if you are a company putting ads here or a private blog site that allows ads. Nothing leads easy to any specific company that sells Antarctic Cruises and the skinny cook website seems more about cooking so I’ll let this stay.
Anyway, most of the activity here is about people getting jobs in Antarctica and living here long term. This part of Antarctica is only accessable to the ruggednest of cruise ships. You don’t have to pay to come here and work. The downside is that you have a job to do and you get paid. Your time to play is after work. The cruises are fun all the  time.
On the cruises you get a better look at Antarctica than most, because you are brought to see some of the best stuff. Unfortunately you pay out the nose to do it. Some of the trips approach 15 thousand dollars, but they last a long time and get you to this part of the world. Most of the trips get to the penninsula area. More wildlife there, but a little less extreme and a little warmer, because of the proximity to water. Working at Palmer or one of the other coastal stations in the penninsula help bridge both worlds as you take a cruise to get down there.
I think after being down here for a winter ,paying for a cruise would be anticlimatic.