Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


I’m not sure I got it all correct, but in one of our travel briefings they mentioned the 50 lb limit per bag. It’s a new limit by the airlines for domestic travel. International travel still gets you a higher limit, but the domestic part is the problem. Here’s my plan. Bring a carry on with a change of clothes in case your bags get lost. You can wear one set while you wash the other if you have to. Pack a couple of more changes in your checked luggage and mail everything else now. You’ll more than likely getĀ the mailĀ at the end of October. The changes of clothes will last till then. Plan on hitting skua central for extra shirts etc once you get there. If you haven’t been shown by anyone else, find me at 121 electrical supply and I’ll bring you over. At the CDC. you’ll get some carhart coveralls. Also get some field pants to augment your work wardrobe. Also get one of the lightweight red jackets. They are great in the summer warm period.