Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


You are going to probably have to trust me on this one, but if you are like most people you are going to send down way more stuff than you will be able to use. Remember you are working most of the time and you are a heavy equipment operator you will more than likely be wearing issued carharts, pants and shirts while outside. The people you will hang around with will be dressed the same so you are not likely to feel out of place. When you get here, be one of the first to hit the Skua piles for more clothing. Find me I’ll show you where to look.
After work, take a shower, put on something nice and wear it to the coffee house for 2 or 3 hours. You won’t be needing to wash it at that point. so a few days later wear it again. The5 changes of clothes most bring down will almost never be worn.
Also, all those hobbies you might be thinking of bring down to fill up your spare time probably won’t be used. You are going to be tugged in a million directions your first year, and probably won’t get to any of them
Any one else want to weigh in on bring down more stuff than you can use?