Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


OG —
If you’re sending sheets, be warned that most of the twin beds down here are XL (extra 6″ in length).  If you’re planning on using batteries, consider rechargeables.  More expensive, yeah, but cheaper in the long run.  Velvet was correct about  They have a great variety, and even have GNC products.  They ship down here with no problem. 
Your ticket will come a week or two before you’re su=pposed to leave.  Travel usually waits till the last possible minute before shipping the tickets out.  When I came down here last October I received my tickets six days before my deployment date.  You get used to it.
If you’re supposed to leave home on the 1st, then you’re probably going to be on the first or second Mainbody flight.  You’ll lose a day crossing the Int’l Date Line, and spend a couple of days in Christchurch.
You’ll meet a butt-load of Ice people at LAX.  Just look for the brightly-colored USAP luggage tags.  Hope you enjoy the 12+ hour flight to Auckland.  Just keep in mind that as cramped as it is, it’s alot more comfortable than the United flights used to be.
When you get to AKL, just follow everyone else.  After clearing immigrations and customs, most people walk over to the domestic terminal.  The flight down to CHC is only about an hour, but can get bumpy.  It’s never stopped me from sleeping on it, though.
When you get to CHC look for the USAP reps.  They’ll do the hand-holding from there.
Safe travels, OG.  See you later in October.