Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


Everyone is right – you don’t need much stuff.  When you get to the CDC (Clothing Distrabution Center) in CHC (Christchurch), you will get your ECW (Extreme Cold Weather gear).  The ECW is awesome stuff, and keeps you from getting cold – and provides you with something to wear to work each day.  You can show up in the street clothes you’re wearing, and be just fine.  The ECW they give you weighs around 20 or 30 lbs, and counts towards your 75 lbs weight limit from CHC to McM.  (However, your handcarry does NOT count towards that 75 lbs weight limit).
Now, say you bring 2 bags each weighing 50 lbs with you on the comercial airlines.  Now, when you get to CHC, and get your ECW, that puts you way over the 75 lb weight limit.  So, unless you’re planning on leaving stuff in CHC for when you travel in NZ later (ie: tent and other camping gear), the 100 lb weight limit that the comercial airlines give you (2 bags at 50 ea) is more than ennough, for getting yourself to the Ice. 
As everyone has said, you don’t need much stuff here.  The nice thing about the Ice is that all your basic needs (and then some) are all taken care of.  Regular casual clothing – you don’t need much, and you can always get more when you get here (skua)….  Hobby items – there’s a lot going on here, you’ll find you won’t have time to do your hobbies… bring stuff for your very favorite hobby, if it’s something you just can’t leave behind. (ie, I brought my musical instrument… even though they provide those here, I am snobby ennough that I want my own).  Most hobbies are provided for here, and you might just find yourself picking up a new one.  There is a lot to do in McM, don’t worry about getting bored.  Basic needs (ie: toiletries) – they have that sort of stuff here, but it’s nice to bring your own, if you prefer certain brands.  That stuff doesn’t weigh too much.  I recomend an alarm clock, even though you could probably even skua that.  As I said above, you could just show up in your street clothes, and have nothing else, and be just fine down here. 
Don’t worry about the weight limit, you’ll be fine.