Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


I know its a pain to decide what to bring, a few pairs of pants and shirt is about all thats really needed as everything else is provided or can be found in Skua as said above. You might want tolook into a fanny pack to hold extra glove and ski mask so you have your pockets free. Think about hobbies and the weight of them, teh flights are much better now about getting mail here and many things get here in a few short weeks so you shall not be waiting all season for something. We are having more discussions here this year, a French class in the coffee house on Tuesdays and others being looked into also for other nights, we have all the regular activities to take up your time and leave little left to notice. If you prefer a quieter surrounding, the library is open daily and the coffee house is always quieter. Many lounges are hardly ever used at all and there are other places you can relax in peace. Crafts are big here and people get into them a lot so if you are going to bring something down, post here and see if we have some of te things you are planning on shipping. We have had all osrts of folks here over the years and many hav left a lot here for others to use so you may be able to save weight in that way by using whats already here. Much of teh ECW is overkill but on your first year its good to bring it all so you can see what works and what doesn’t, then next time you can leave half the stuff in CDC and save weight again.
If you are planning on hiking, you will need good boots, there are som in Skua but its best to have your own. As said earlier, a fanny pack is handy here for holding things you do not want in your pocket but would like to have with you.