Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


Just a note about laptops.  Things are still in flux on the details of the requirements, but any laptop should be up to the current service pack level (if Windows) and MUST have antivirus (regardless of Operating System).
Make it easy on yourself and run Windows Update (or the Mac equivalent) before coming down.  Ensure you have antivirus already with updated virus definitions because you won’t be allowed to connect to the network unless your laptop passes inspection.
We’ve had one outbreak already so Info Security is REALLY cracking down on this.  Make life easy on yourself and come down with your machine fully updated.
One last note about PC help with your personal PC.  The PC Techs down here are great guys, however; they are not on call 24/7 (so try not to ask them tech questions when you see them at bars and in the galley).  Furthermore, they don’t have to help you with your machines.  They are here for the town machines, not personal ones.  If you have a problem and they are helping you with your personal machine, it’s because they’re being nice guys helping you on their own time (remember that).