Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


Oh yeah OG
Don’t forget the Halloween Costume. There is a big party on halloween weekend. It’s always a lot of fun. Mail it now in small packages and keep your fingers crossed that it gets here by halloween.
Christmas dinner is a big affair as well. Lots of very dressy people. You might want to send down something nice to wear. You’ll see lots of tuxedos and suits. Lots of ties. Lots of black dresses. It’s a fun time.
You might also want to send down a package of burnable CD’s. They are usually available in the store for a couple of dollars each, but they often run out. Even if you don’t have a digital camera, there will be enough free photos floating around for you to take home. CD’s are the only way to keep them.
If you are bring down a digital camera that takes special batteries, then bring down lots of extras. The batteries can go dead in minutes in the cold. Best are the external battery packs that you keep in your coat and run a wire to the camera. If you are a serious photographer bring a tripod. Less important in the summer. Absolutely essential in the winter in the dark.
If you are a coffee lover send down your own coffee. There is a grinder in the galley. The store also sells beans which are not the best,  but better than the stuff in the coffee dispensers. I use a travel coffee press. It’s the way to go for me. Much easier than using a drip machine. I use the Big Sky Bistro. Look it up on the web. I got mine from REI. If you have room send down something to boil water in your room. You can always go to the galley for hot water, but its nice having it in your room before work or on the weekends.