Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


[font=Arial:q1z4hv49]Hi, Operator![/font:q1z4hv49]

[font=Arial:q1z4hv49]Mike’s already hit most of the advice you could ever need, but here’s my 2 cents:[/font:q1z4hv49]

[font=Arial:q1z4hv49]I can’t imagine you not wanting a credit card while traveling – might be worth looking into, if just for purchasing random items from the ice.  Quite convenient.[/font:q1z4hv49]

[font=Arial:q1z4hv49]The [/font:q1z4hv49][font=Arial:q1z4hv49]APO[/font:q1z4hv49][font=Arial:q1z4hv49] mailing addresses are in your USAP handbook.  Significantly cheaper, but certainly not free!  It still gets expensive very quickly, which is why I enjoy purchasing the heavier items from & letting them foot the shipping charges.  With specials or a large enough purchase, it’s often free![/font:q1z4hv49]

[font=Arial:q1z4hv49]Good luck & have fun![/font:q1z4hv49]

[font=Times New Roman:q1z4hv49]Erica[/font:q1z4hv49]