Re: Anybody leaving 1 Oct?


You may need a little help from someone with this at first but in the end it’s easy. There are 2 types of MP3; players. Flash card and Hard Drive. The IMAC is the best known of the hard drive type. They hold an incredible amount of music. The old ones were 20 gigabytes and they are getting bigger all the time. They are a little bigger than the flash card types(but not that much bigger) and spinning a hard drive means extra battery power is needed. The big advantage is that you can put a sizeable portion of your music collection on the player.
The flash card players use a memory card like a camera. You store up to 1 gig at a time. Their advantage is that with no moving parts, they can be smaller and run a long time on one aaa battery. 250 meg cards will give you hours of music without repeating.
You can start the process now by ripping (converting to MP3 or WMA) your current collection and storing the files on your computer. Find almost any kid and they can show you the process. Once you have the files you just copy them to a data CD. In original CD format you can only get one album on a CD. In MP3 format you can get 5,10 or more depending on compression. Again find a kid to explain it to you.
Ask around, get a basic idea how the players work with your computer, then get back and we’ll fill in the gaps.