Re: Anyone coming down at Winfly in Aug.


I think I already know the feeling Chris. For all of you that don’t know, Lorie and I are going to take off the next year from the Antarctic Program. It’s already a little sad listening to everyones plans for next winter, knowing we won’t be a part of it.
Granted wintering in Antarctic isn’t for everyone. We take the isolation from our families for granted, knowing fully well that they accept they won’t see us for a year or more. And the cold temperatures and 4 month long winter night seem normal to us. What a shock it always is to be back in green when we leave. Not to mention rain and the smell of flowers.
Quickly we get back to reality. Lorie and I will be renting a house in the North Island of New zealand for a month or so and then it’s off for  a few weeks on a tropical coral island called Rarotonga before heading home to california .sooner or later we’ll be back in Baltimore to pick up our camper. Hopefully we’ll have a nice enjoyable ride across america as we bring the camper back to California. It will be spring and early summer and we’ll be taking the WARM southern route.
Well back to reality. There is a storm going on and the base is hosting a wine tasting at the coffee house.
time to go.