Re: Anyone coming down at Winfly in Aug.


[font=Arial:3aq19nof]Well here I am, a few weeks from Winfly and for the first time in 2 years I wont be going to the airport on the 15th of August..[/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]How sad and hard of a decision this was to not return to the ice this year.  I have thought many many nights about returning to the winter wonderland of Antarctica. The past 2 years I have met some amazing people down at McMurdo and miss them all very much. It seems just like yesterday I was having dinner with Mike and Lori Poole in the galley at Mactown. Maybe this winter we will have dinner together in Baltimore when you come to visit your family.. I miss all of my friends from the fire department, in the realm of emergency services you really make friends quick and learn to trust one another because your lives depend on it.. this is taken to the next level at Mcmurdo where you live, eat and work together for 6 months straight. [/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]I cant forget my Russian friends from Vostok, how cool it was this last year to drink Russian vodka with real Russians! let alone open our cultures and lifestyles to one another and laugh and feel the warmth of fellow mankind.. To learn the things I did and to hear the stories of Russian culture.. to hear how the American “icons” like toys and brand name sneakers are a premium there.. Something as simple as a harry potter toy for a 5 year old boy makes him the “cool kid” in school for a long long time.. Thanks barb and Steve for the harry potter legos! Alan’s son also thanks you![/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]Oh it seems like just yesterday I was chasseing penguins off the runway at Willy Field, now I turn the reigns over to another Pennsylvanian from the Allentown Fire Department who will take the trip this season to the ice for his own adventure with the Antarctic Fire Department..  good luck Steve![/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]Where does this leave me.. I am back home here in PA working for the County of Lehigh, Emergency Management Agency.. I also was recently appointed as Public Safety Training Coordinator for the Lehigh Carbon Community College where I am responsible for fire and rescue training programs for the area. I am living in a small suburb of Bethlehem, PA called Fountain Hill. My girlfriend Becca and I share a apartment in an old converted 1880’s mansion high on the hillside overlooking south Bethlehem. [/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]I look forward to hearing the adventures of all my ice friends as they return to and depart from the ice this season..  I wish the best of luck to all who are returning to the ice and miss all of you, My little sister I never had Erika.. good luck.. I hope to see you when you get back.. remember your good Christian values hehe![/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]For those of you, my ice pal’s feel free if you ever make it to Eastern side of the US, look me up, like Motel 6.. “I’ll leave the light on”, my office phone number is 610-782-3970.[/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]And to whom ever this email finds I bid you a temporary farewell, the Antarctic adventure is not over, never will it be, but on hold for a year or so.. [/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]From the warm humid steel jungle of Eastern PA Cheer’s[/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]Chris Post[/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]USAP 01-02 / 02-03[/font:3aq19nof]
[font=Arial:3aq19nof]Chris Post
Lehigh County Emergency Management
     Allentown, PA
United States Antarctic Program
     McMurdo Station Antarctica
Federal Emergency Management Agency
     PA-TF1 — Urban Search and Rescue