Re: Asking Mike Poole for permission to use photos


I think all of the photo’s listed on the Pegasus page are mine, so go ahead and use them freely on your site. You may have heard that we’ve gone out twice this winter to visit the plane. Last week week I brought out a group to try and uncover the nose art of the winged horse and the name “Pegasus” on the left side fuselage. It took us 3 hours to uncover both. It was solid ice up to the  cockpit windows and we had to use a chainsaw and pickaxe to slowly chip it out. We got the photo’s which I’ll share here as soon as I get some time to update them. We were able to clear out a little snow inside the cockpit by way of a broken window. If anyone ever had the idea that they might like to dig it out,  forget it . It is solid ice from floor to the level of the window. By the way from the amount of ice I would guess that we are probably the first people to see the artwork in a very long time. Anyone else out there know the last time the nose art was exposed?
mike in mcmurdo