Re: Cabin Fever


Well… this IS interesting!  I am a member of several message boards from around the world so you can imagine my surprise when I found this one!
Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Dave.  I build websites and develop graphic design for print advertising and television. It is a home-based business that keeps me out of trouble.  I live in central Canada about 40 miles west of the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario. 
In my travels I too have lived in some pretty isolated places in northern Canada… Jasper Alberta and Tuktoyuktuk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean so I can well imagine some of what you might be experiencing although your isolated location is a little too extreme for me.  Besides… I can barely tolerate the winter around here so I don’t think I’d have a whole lot of fun shovelling the sidewalk down there!   
I look forward to conversing with you and your other members.  I check my message boards daily.