Re: Cabin Fever


It’s funny how we adapt down here. It reminds me of the movie Mystery Alaska. The locals played hockey all the time no problem but when the New York Rangers came down they found it cold. We are getting our first flights of the new season this week. I’m a volunteer cargo handler for the duration and have to go out to the airfield to unload the planes. On the last flight it hit -47 below zero. It was cold but as long as we were moving around it wasn’t too bad. The plane didn’t fare too well. It has to be warmer than 50 below to land the airplanes because the cold begins to gel the hydraulics. We were on the borderline and while they were on the ground the flaps got so sluggish that they deemed it too risky for passengers. The winterovers that were scheduled to leave had to go back to town to wait for the next flight. The next day we had a storm hit which dumped snow everywhere so the flight had to be canceled again while they cleared the runway. They’ll try again today. Look in the winfly photo album for photos.