Re: Cabin Fever


We have most of the amenities of modern life. There is a satelite phone link. You need a calling card of some type to use it. They are sold in the store. Unfortunately it is a dial out only for personal use. Your friends can’t call you in your room.
The TV is an armed forces station and consists of a conglomerate of news programs from all the networks combined into one channel. We have a sport channel and a mixed channel of news sports and old reruns (Leave it to Beaver;Brady Bunch etc.).
The recreation dept puts together dances and theme parties. There is a coffee house where people can gather. Sometimes musicians will put on “acoustic night” performances. There are 2 bars, one for smokers and one for non smokers.
Our bowling alley is a hot one for the winter with lots of teams competing.It’s a bit old fashioned as they hire people part time to stand at the back and set the pins.
The gym hosts basketball, soccor, volleyball and a climbing wall.
Other than that most people get very creative. My old boss used to say that an ideal worker down here is a person who can comfortably go out to dinner or to the movies by themselves and be perfectly happy keeping themselves amused. Look at the blue section on the left at some of trips that my friend Clark and I put together to bring people out of town. That was my amusement.