Re: cameras


Amy, Do me a favor and use the other message board (discussion board) for any more questions. I’ve been trying to put all the questions about what life is like down here on one board so everyone can see them.
Air terminals is a nice job. You are going to like it. You should get lot’s of neat photos of planes landing.
There are no digital cameras available down here. If you want to send pics it’s best to bring one from home. With 24 hour daylight in the summer you’ll find that there is always lots of light for photo taking. Most important buy lots of extra batteries. The cold weather saps the energy pretty quick. I went to a camera shop and bought an external batterty pack that clips on my belt. It’s about 4 times the size of the battery in the camera and doesn’t go dead until at least a couple of hours have gone by.
The digital photo lines you are referring to are USB outlets on the public computers in the main building. You can either plug in your camera directly or use a USB card reader (available from the store) to read the removable memory card in your camera.
The cards that come with the cameras are usually pretty small so you might want to upgrade to large memory card. That way if you are on a trip you don’t run out of room right when the penguins are walking up to you.
Once you download the photo’s to the computer you can put them on your own personal drive. People will often post their photos on the common drive as well. that way the people who don’t own digital cameras can get some photos to send home.