Re: Changes since 9/11


i work airport security….   am one of the TSA personel (feds)….  and i can tell you we are activly searching for the “bad guys”    it took a toll on us also…  most of the people i work with are ex-militry or ex-police (and most had friends or relatives in new york, and the WTC) and the info we get lets us know that they are still out there and looking for the weakness in the system to pull the same stunts…    and our reply is   “not on my watch”   so the parinoia you refer to is the reall stuff…  if you only knew what we know…..
the good guys have nothing to worry about, however as i said, we are looking for the bad guys, and they constantly test the system to see if we are still awake.
satindoll here …   hi mike and lori…  I am still planning .   
keep up the good work……