Re: Changes since 9/11


I think plenty has changed the world over. In the program you see the biggest changes during the travel period. Everything is scrutinized everywhere we go. Once you’ve been through it a couple of times it becomes the norm, though. Every where you go they are doing body searches and opening bags to inspect the contents. Even the flight from Christchurch to the Ice has personnel x-raying the bags and running everyone through a metal detector. I believe NZ customs has also become pretty strict with incoming mail.
We still have a military presence down here as they do the flying to get us down here.
All in all the security measures have become a way of life and to tell you the truth I’d rather be held up for body searches.
I was on Ice for the 911 incident. My mother and sister were flying in from London around that time {turned out it was a day later}, We get a satelite feed of cnn and they kept showing the planes going into the buildings over and over. I was almost sick to my stomach thinking it might be them. It was several hours before I could get an email contact with anyone to find out they were ok. Yeah it wasn’t a fun time to be stranded down here.