Re: checking in


[font=arial,helvetica:a36mgbdc][font=Arial:a36mgbdc]Mike, My daughter was very dissappointed that her teacher did not seem to want to take the time to explore your site.  In Va. now, the teachers & schools are ultimately graded based on the SOLs (Standards of Learning).  Whatever information is on the SOL tests that kids take at the end of the year is the only info the teachers want to cover.  If a kid gets an A for the year but fails the SOL for the respective class…he/she does not pass the course until they take remediation courses to bring them up to speed.  Teacher’s have their ass on the line so they don’t deviate from the cirriculum.  Good idea. bad practicality.  Anyway, Jennifer and I will be checking out the site. 

What will you do during the time you “get away”.