Re: checking in


[font=arial,helvetica:6jdxk8wy][font=Arial:6jdxk8wy]I cannot imagine the culture shock of Wilmington, Del. after McMurdo.
I must say Mike, it is a strain for me to wrap my pea brain around the notion of who I remember you to be  being the same guy who now lives such a totally unconventional lifestyle.  I find my self almost bragging, sometimes, about how I had a college roomate who now does what you do.  I do, in some way or other, derive some satisfaction from the connection.  I would love to have you and Lorrie visit during your time off.  If you should find your way to sunny, hot, humid (not to rub it in but it has been a summer from hell) Va. you must look me up. I am curious to know more about how you found your way there and what the whole deal is about.
For example:
1) Are you government employees?
2) Are there time limits on the number of seasons you can spend there?
3) What is the average age of the folks living there?
4) Are all the folks at McMurdo from U.S.?     
5) Are there other bases on Antarctica and where are they in relation to McMurdo? 
6) How long do you intend to do this, & whatever would you do after this?

I know you are preparing to leave in about a  week. Should I use your Hotmail address?

It is now 6:00a.m., Sun., 10/6.  I am up early, drinking coffee thinking about what I’ll do today.  My list includes finishing mowing the yard, or getting my 16 yr. old son to do it (both options require the same exertion level).  picking up litter on the road we live on, hanging some doors on the playhouse I just finished building for my 10 yr. old daughter, and this afternoon I’ll check out my son’s baseball game.  That’s what I’ll do.  I can’t imagine how different your day will be.  I’ll be thinking of you.  Take care & write back.

Chris [/font:6jdxk8wy][/font:6jdxk8wy]