Re: collecting leisure travel comments


Howdy, All —
Just wanted to chime-in.
I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Signature Travel.  Janine, my travel agent there, not only booked my aprees ice flight  up to China, a flight within the country, and my exodus from Kathmandu back to Christchurch, but when it became evident that altitude sickness was getting to me, she tirelessly found me flights back home from Bangkok, rescheduling all my return flights.
Searching the web ahead of time, I found their prices to be in-line with everyone elses.  The added benefit of having a REAL person helping out, however, is priceless.
I spent 5 1/2 years working for United Airlines, and know just how complicated the rules for fares can be.  Signature Travel has to work within the confines of these rules, as does the USAP, in general.  Sometimes stopovers/layovers are allowed, sometimes not (unless you want to pay the difference in fares to a fare basis that is less restrictive).
It is not unusual to receive different fare quotes when talking to different res agents.  One person may not be as thorough as the next, and thus give you a ‘false fare’.  Trust me, however, it eventually will catch up with you – Most times when you’re checking in at the airport. 
Add to all this mess the fact that ALL airlines are reducing capacity (read: fewer airplanes) to maximize revenue for the planes that are flying, and you’ll understand why seating can be extremely limited.  From what I’ve experienced, flying in the U.S. is worst of all.
Still, I’m very happy with Signature.  I think they did very well their first season out.
Safe travels.