Re: Computer question


everyone else answered before me. I agree. Bring it down. As Atlas said you probably won’t get a hookup in your room during the summer months, but you will have plenty of opportunities to plug in elsewhere. Along with your laptop bring a digital camera. During the summer months there is plenty of light so almost any point and shoot will do. If staying for the winter make sure you have manual settings to take time exposures. Having a laptop makes a world of difference with photos.
Lorie and I are thinking of buying a second laptop so we both can have one. She uses hers for music. All our cds are downloaded on an external harddrive(we each have a 250 gig drive) and she downloads to an MP3 player for listening. If you are thinking of bringing down cds try buying and external harddrive instead. It takes up a lot less room and holds everything you can think of. The mp3 players are great. No moving parts on ours and the battery lasts all day.
Speaking of videos and laptops, If you haven’t already learned how to edit on your computer, I’ll be happy to show anyone once we get down there. If you are going to buy a camcorder go the extra bucks and buy a digital. It makes it easier to do editing.
When traveling carry your laptop in its own case. Most airlines allow a laptop as a second carry on. Be prepared, if flights are booked to be restricted to one carry-on. It’s only happened a couple of times to us and only on NZ flights. I dropped the laptop and drive in my carryon backpack and checked the case with all the wires. I never trust checking anything valuable.
enough ramblings