Re: construction worker here


When you get hired you will generally work out of either McMurdo or the South Pole stations. At McM most of the work is done to support McM activities. At this time of year the operators have been working up to about 10 miles out building the snow and ice runways. Doing road maintenance and support for construction also are regular things. There are duty snow removal and forklift support operators as well. Some of the outlying camps that are accessable by vehicle while the ice is thick will be resupplied by Delta’s or Challenger tractors driven by heavy equipment operators. You generally would not be out for any great length of time. Fleet ops runs a 24 hour operation in the summer so you could be on night shift (a misnomer since there is no night here in the summer).
The conditions at the pole are similar. It’s colder but not as windy, some say that considering the wind chill, it”s easier to stay warm at the pole than here at the start of summer. During the late summer the temps here go above freezing so it’s way warmer than the pole. The pole sits on top of 10000 some odd feet of ice so the temp difference is similar to being at sea level and then going to the top of a 10000 foot mountain. Big temp drop. The equipment operator jobs would be similar. Science support, runway support, town support. No dirt to move around as in McM  just snow.
No extra pay in the winter. You will either love it or hate it. Generally if you think you would enjoy the winter then you will. If you go into it knowing you are going to have a hard time then you might. Once the last plane leaves in Feb, there is no way to get out until the next plane arrives at the end of August. You and your family have to be somewhat comfortable with the fact that if anything happens to you or them (ie sickness, birthdays, weddings etc.) you will not be able to show up no matter what.
You seem interested enough to enjoy this place for the summer. If they need someone then apply, You probably won’t regret it.