Re: construction worker here


Hey Operator Guy;

You dont have to turn in a resume at the Denver office or go to the Job
fair, just follow the instructions at and be sure to submit an
application. I would recommend sending it with return reciept so you know
it makes its way to the Raytheon Office. As for the wages paid…that is a
company secret, if you work as a 49er or other organized labor pool then you
may be a bit disappointed with the first years salery paid bi-weekly but if
you work in a merit shop you might be somewhat pleased. You would be
working for the Government thru Raytheon Polar Services and you should know
your government doesnt like to pay very well until they know you have
experiance (down there). First and formost you need the “Adventure Spirit”
to go there the first year. Take a look at the web site I listed about, it
has a section called the Participants guide…that can answer many of your
questions. I was there as an Electrician two year, the place has its ups
and downs but most of all its “Up's”. Its worth the experiance for a summer
season (next summer, this one is under-way) or winter if you like it cold
and darn about 3.5 months of the season 24/7 and verying degress of DARK the
rest of the 6 months.