Re: construction worker here


About being pissed off, here are some words of encouragement. Imagine if you were one of the 2 or 3 people handling the thousand or so applications that are in front of your desk. There is no way you can remember everything about who you are dealing with. Someone calls you up, their folder is buried with 50 others and in the first 30 seconds of the phone call you realize that you can’t put your hands on the info right away. The file  is active and floating around with the people who do the processing.The person on the line is angry, but there is nothing you can do. What would you do?
The point here is that there are  many steps involved with getting you hired, sign an offer letter, getting PQ’d, issueing tickets, getting the training etc etc etc, . It is almost guaranteed that the process is going to go slower than you want probably way slower.. If you are patient with the paper handlers, they will help you more. If you are inpatient they may very well respond by helping you less. Human nature. They are under a tremendous workload at the beginning of each season and you are just one of hundreds or thousands that they are dealling with.
As to lunch, I think you would probably agree that it’s not reasonable to expect everyone to skip lunch just in case you might call. I would try again during work hours and be friendly and patient with whoever talks to you.
good luck