Re: construction worker here


Great advice Mike, I know last year I was in a near panic to get everything done in time, seemed like so much, then all of a sudden they call and give me a date to fly down and that was when I realized that everything was done and it wasn’t actually such an ordeal, that was for winfly, I only then found out my passport was lost and had to get a new one, they staill got me here at mainbody. Basically, stay the course and it shall be rewarding enough in many ways that the process shall be worth it.
Its a typical company, sometimes they lose paperwork, sometimes the wrong papers get to the wrong people, they really do try to make it work as smoothly as they can but mistakes happen which may delay things, they make changes as needed and get things right eventually.
As for the pride, I doubt I shall ever not smile while talking about how wonderful this place and the people here are, but ask me again after I complete my 12 months in August. I don’t think there will be any difference though.