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Hi all,
 I just completed a summer/winter at Pole and they are drastically different form each other. The summer is crazy busy with people coming and going, lots of activity and meeting new people all the time. The winter started out very slow but you have more time to yourself and to do things. I spent a lot of time learning to play lead guitar for our winter band. I got to know people better than I know any friends at home. It was hard in some ways to leave that behind but made easier because we were all leaving at once. Most people found their niche at Pole in the winter but not everyone fits in even there. Generally the people who go to the Ice are awesome but but if someone is an ass at home they will be one there too

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Compared to all the oethers who winter here, he finally feels he fits in and is normal by te standards of those around him.   He said he likes it because its a little quieter and people are more interesting also. I have to agree after meeting a lot of them here this year, great folks.

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