Re: construction worker here


Personally I like winter better than summer. Same reasons. Less people. More time to yourself. That being said, winter isn’t for everyone. Most can handle the isolation. Email makes you close to those at home. What’s harder to deal with is the fact that you can’t leave, no matter what. Going into the winter you have to be comfortable that if your brother, mom, dad etc gets ill or dies, there is no way that you can go home to comfort them and the rest of your family . Not only do you have to be comfortable with it but your family has to be comfortable with it. It’s also hard on marriages , boyfriends, girlfriends, friends-in-general etc. as well, if you are leaving loved ones behind. The winter can drag on and on and on if you aren’t happy.
The good side of winter is that it’s specatularly beautiful. You don’t see much in the glare of the town lights, but if you get away ( I know it’s 30 below zero- you get used to it) the night sky is almost beyond description. Wait till you see your first aurora. Lay on your back in the snow and watch green swirls dance around the sky. The winter constellations are also something you will never forget. The Southern Cross overhead. An upside down Orion on the horizon. Or the Scorpian.
And as Prairie Dog said, it’s a small tight community and you make some pretty nice friends.