Re: construction worker here


The 16 percent  is actually 10 to 20 percent your first year.It’s based on your performance level. 16 percent is for the  meets expectations level. That means you do just your job and not much else. Many will get an exceeds expectations. For the first year that bumps your percentage a couple of points. By your third season the “meets” catagory is 24 percent. Basically you add up everything you made for the duration of the contract and take the percentage off of that. It’s fairly lucrative. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam has decided it’s pay, so they want the normal tax withdrawals taken out. Hopefully, you’ll get a fair chunk of it back.
Sharon is right that the next few steps can come painfully slow. They are dealing with thousands of people, so you pretty much wait your turn. I would still keep in regular touch with whoever calls you. Get their email address and phone number and make a regular contact.