Re: construction worker here


OG —
If you’re leaving out of NY, then you have a long flying day ahead of you.  You’ll probably fly non-stop to LAX (or connect through Dallas), hang-out there for a few hours, then get on a non-stop flight to Auckland, New Zealand (about a 12 1/2 hour flight).  After clearing customs and immigration, you’ll catch a domestic flight down to Christchurch.   When you arrive, you’ll get your hotel assignment, and be told when to come back to the CDC for your ECW fitting (the next day).  Enjoy the rest of that day, because you’ll probably be awakened early the next morning to check-in for your flight down to McMurdo.
Ah, the experience of your first bag-drag…
You’ll be jumping through alot of hoops, but just remember we ALL do – management included.  Just go with the flow, and ask if you’re confused about something.  Ice people are amongst the friendliest, and most helpful, around.
See you this summer.