Re: construction worker here


You have little or no choice on the trip down. As Atlas said, you get on a long cross country flight to LAX. Lay over for a few hours then on a 12 hour flight to Aukland. Lay over a bit, then a flight to Cheech, Go to an orientation in the airport. Maybe get your gear,And finally get to your hotel 20 to 30 hours after the start of your trip.
Second day ECW gear if you didn’t do it the first. You have the rest of the day off to play. Next day up at 4am to be at the Antarctic center by 5. And off you go.
At the end of the contract the world is at your fingertips. Trade in you ticket for credit against a ticket anywhere you want to go. The only exceptions are some people who get fired. They get a one way non-refundable ticket back to LAX.