Re: construction worker here


Well, a few questions and about as organised as anything here.
I found the job site after typing in “antarctic employment” on a search engine. I sent in the online app and I got a call back after about 6 weeks, I was due to deploy in August but messed up the passport and had to leave in October for Mainbody instead. I was in touch with them by e-mail and phone during the process and did not meet anyone from te company until I got into LAX to fly to New Zealand. I did not meet anyone from my department until the plane down to the ice itself so you do not have to go to the job fairs, it ay help but its not required.
I believe that people who are depolying for 6 months are allowed only 75 pounds weight, those staying for a year get the 150 pounds allowance. You get your Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear and what you do not wear counts as part of your allowance. You are allowed a carry-on as well as your laptop on the flight, anything big will have to be shipped from Cheech through the APO, but they may be a while before it gets here.Anything you have shipped from the states shall be going through the same APO. Blankets and bedding are available here unless you prefer to bring fitted sheets.
Bars are open less frequently and a few activities are still ongoing but I have heard they are less due to weather. I heard that the workout areas are open all year. The radio and TV are still available and as bad as ever.
A lot of us here have laptops and there are phone lines which you can connect to the network in but no broadband in the rooms yet. Not sure about shortwave and scanners, heard there was a SW club here but not certain. No XM or Sirius radio but you may be able to stream in off peak times when bandwidth usage is lower.
Not sure about the money other than to tell you that you will be earning less here than where you are, its about 56 hours a week and so not the most l;ucrative prospect available.
I got all my paperwork done in a few weeks and the medical and dental were not a problem at all. As I wrote earlier, I applied in May and was due to leave in August, heard a lot of folks went the same way and some who waited much longer, depends on the needs.
Sounds like you are crazy enough for this place and were well trained for here while you were in Germany. Most dorms have 2 per room except 155 where you may have 3 other roommates and gang showers. Winter deploys are sent mostly after new years.
I am here 7 weeks now and sue to be here until next August, so you may indeed be standing next to me wondering how the hell we ended up here after all.
Best of luck in your quest.